What kind of occupation can make money online?

What kind of occupation can make money online?

“I didn’t want to be thrown and slammed on my back... if I was unlucky, my arm might have broken.”

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“Invigorating. Even though... I shouldn’t be ‘going easy’ on youngsters like this~.”

“Going easy? I was fixated on how to win, but I don’t remember you cutting corners?”

“Ha~...... once more, let’s go from the start.”

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Saying that, Jawara stood up again, staggering, but laughing, tapping my shoulder lightly with his fist.

“Older brother won! He won!”

“Even such a blow... remarkable, you do some amazing things, Earth.”

“But he’s strong. That Jawara in an instant...”

I responded to all of them while raising my hand, and at the same time I waved to Amae and others.

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Then, I saw Mr. Machio and Wacha, who were watching my fight beside the arena entrance, and smiled.

“Hurry up, I’ll be going ahead, okay?”

In response to my smile, Mr. Machio and Wacha gave back fearless smiles.