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Saying that, he praised Sadiz’s menu. I was a little proud of that.

“Ah. Sadiz’s cooking has a lot of variety, and is all delicious. Her housework is perfect, and she is beautiful... Hey, I really have to get married.”

『No, not that.』


『I assumed you were eating only luxurious high-quality ingredients every day because you are a rich son who grew up spoiled, but it seems not.』

Then, Tre’ainar says what he means while looking at the menu schedule.

『Tis a well-thought-out balanced menu with proteins, vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates and lipids. What’s more, the variety of menu ensures that you do not get bored or the same item is not repeated.』

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“Oh, yes... Is that it?”

『Oh. Tis especially suited to a body in development like yours. You are currently in a critical stage during your growth period. Very well, consideration for your body and your health has been put first.』

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I never really cared about any of that, I just ate my meal as usual while saying “S-soo gooood”.

But now that Tre’ainar told me so, I...

『Just looking at the menu schedule... The person who thought up and made this...... you can tell that they care deeply about you.』

I got a warm feeling in my heart.

That’s why all the years. Sadiz......

“Sadiz is... Before I was born... When she was about three years old, ... In the war with the Demon King’s army, her parents died. My mother, who was at the scene, saved her when she was about to be killed.”

『...... Seven Heroes... Mamu?』 [2]

“Ah. So, my mother had intended to leave Sadiz in an orphanage, too..... somehow she got adopted, my sister... She was like a daughter and we were raised together.”

『Is that so...』

“And after the war, Sadiz graduated from the Academy with excellent grades and earned the qualification of a warrior. She felt indebted to my mother, so she stayed in this mansion and became my exclusive maid. So Sadiz is to me.... like a real sibling.”