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Oh, it was me.

Ah, nevermind then.

Pei Qian changed to a comfortable position, ready to use his mobile phone to cast to the big screen and watch his drama while drifting off to dreamland. However, he saw a push notification as soon as he opened the Aili Island application.

The UP Master he was following updated his status!

A bad premonition surged into his heart. He looked carefully; it was indeed Teacher Qiao!

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“Forget about games, why do you not let me off even for a haunted house?”

Pei Qian was shocked. At first, he thought that Qiao Liang would at least need to return to Beijing before he started to make the video. That would at least take a week.

In the end, he only took four days!

Just go and die already!!!

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Pei Qian did not want to watch the video, but he had no choice.

“Let’s watch it. Teacher Qiao is a UP Master in the gaming area. He will definitely not be able to promote the haunted house professionally. Perhaps not many people would watch it?”

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Different from the previous times, Teacher Qiao personally appeared in this video. The background seemed to be the coffee area of a certain Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. It was recorded in the morning; there were good light and not many guests.

Pei Qian realized in that instant that Qiao Liang had not left at all. He stayed in Jingzhou and made his video in the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe!

Qiao Liang took a sip of coffee and began to tell fans about the reason for this video.

“My dear audience, long time no see! It’s your gaming father, ‘Teacher Qiao’ again!