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「In the end, what I want to say is… It is unquestionable that Tenshi-sama is the one who made the final decision in this case. But that was the result of pressure from the noble faction, and that she was rather strongly opposed to it.」

Sensei said, summarizing the current story in a short way.

When I casually turned my eyes towards Rodis-san, he nodded with a serious expression.

It seems that the story now is all true.

When the director’s office fell completely silent, Tenshi-sama spoke.

「My power is not going to be enough, and the Imperial Kingdom is in a more perilous situation than ever before. However, there is a『reverse card』that can turn this whole situation upside down.」

As she looked straight into my eyes, a ray of hope was reflected in her eyes.

「A reverse card…?」

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I wonder if there really is such a convenient thing.

「Yes, that’s right… Have you still not realised it yet?」

「Umm, what is it?」

「The reverse card that can turn everything upside down – is you. The『singularity』known as Allen Rodore.」

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I couldn’t comprehend what Tenshi-sama was trying to say at all, and replied with a stupid sound without thinking.

Pei Qian did a holistic analysis of all the weapon types.

Although he wanted to change a weapon’s stats, he wanted as much as possible to retain the weapon’s original stats. After altering the weapon, it still had to match with the weapon’s unique features and appearance.

If not, this game would be crude.

Pei Qian took a look at all the weapons.

He had wanted to choose a single-handed sword. However, after thinking for a moment, while single-handed swords were useful; he couldn’t change the attacking strength too much. Also, as the attacking distance was short, it was more dangerous.