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And Aka turns and looks at me.


“Mr. Aka... I’m sorry I’m late... it was hard... I’m sorry... The cake, too... I messed it up somehow.”

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Aka, who has forgotten himself in his rage, can’t seem to recognize me anymore.

Even when he saw me, he just raised a roar like a beast and started attacking me.

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Fast. Reflexively activated breakthrough to defend. However, even in the breakthrough state, Aka’s powerful arm blows me away.

“Gah, tah...ah, Mr. Aka...”

My back crashed into a tree, numbing my whole body, and stopping my breath for a moment.

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“Yes... he’s kind...... with skillful hands, a good cook... and yet, so strong.... Mr. Aka... amazing.”


Fast and strong. The breakthrough state was wiped out in an instant.

This is Mr. Aka’s true power.

But that’s why I can’t run away.

“Oh, that’s okay, Aka. Mr. Aka did nothing wrong. Even humans go wild when they get angry and snap. They hit things, destroy them, and abuse their parents.... Mr. Aka... he’s just a little stronger than other people... What you’re doing is normal.”


Aka swung his fist toward me as I got up.