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Then, the words that Tre’ainar told me the other day were overlapped by the Old man’s words, “Demons that do not speak human language are treated the same as animals.”

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“...I see...In other words, this is where the aristocracy gather... A gambling house...”

“Um, the Mafia had been eradicated... but a part of the Empire’s upper class secretly handed the reins over to the Hoodlums... Well, there are various reasons why it was handed over to the Hoodlums......”

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“But, as youth gangs, who used to earn money by violence, pick-pocketing and spying on the streets, was rampant.... the seed of delinquency has found a source for their livelihood.”

Sure, I was a little surprised, but I could imagine to some extent that ‘Well, there would be something like this’, so while I felt uncomfortable in various ways, I wasn’t too upset.

But there was one thing that bothered me.

“Is that it? But then... what about the ‘auction’?”

Yes, originally I was told that there was an ‘auction’.

So, I thought it was an auction that dealt with illegal items that couldn’t be handled very often.

Above all, this is a merchant town.

But if it’s just a gambling house.......

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“There is. The auction. Because...... it should be the main attraction. And it is for the merchants.”

Then, the Old man went from a gentle expression and looked over the hall with strong and severe eyes.

“Do you... know of horse racing?”

“Eh? Horse racing? That’s a race between horses, isn’t it?”

“Um, yes... so do you know, then, that betting is usually done at the horse race?”

“Well, of course...”

All of a sudden? I thought, but I nodded.