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In that moment, the stone owl, emitted a dazzling light and burst into a huge explosion.


I jumped back greatly due to a split second judgment, but the stone fragments scattered by the blast, struck my body.

While my visibility was obstructed by the smoke,

「High King Style – Strong Strike!」

Claude-san started attacking in a flash.

While in a disadvantageous posture, I raised my sword overhead horizontally to prevent the impending downward slash.

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「A good response but – your abdomen is completely open!」

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Her sharp front kick struck my abdomen.

A dull pain ran through my body.

In order to regain a proper posture, I leapt back and took a distance.


Control your breathing, rethink the exchanges – analyze〈Avio Troop〉’s ability.

「…I see. Rather than just manipulating the object, it is the ability to manipulate after transforming the object that was cut into a『bomb』…?」