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The final day of the exam was similar to the first day, with only three-fourths of the day dedicated to the special exam.

So in that sense, you could say that the compensation they had chosen to go with was just what the doctor ordered.

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“Senpai, this looks like it could end up changing everything.”

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The final day was when the majority of conflicts would be settled, so with double the points on the line, the chances of successfully making a comeback were very real.

“The school was right to tell us about this so far ahead of time. It’ll give groups the chance to reassess their plans for the second half of the exam.”

With today having turned into a full day to rest, there would surely be groups out there that think to pace themselves from tomorrow onward, conserving their stamina in anticipation for the finale. On the other hand, it also wouldn’t be all that surprising if there were groups that chose to take advantage of that and go all-out as soon as tomorrow. In any case, this outcome was hardly a welcome turn of events as far I was concerned.

After staring at my tablet for a while, I realized that Nanase had stopped talking as much and watched as she began nodding off beside me. It was as if she was gradually slipping into the unconsciousness of sleep, her eyes at times wide open or slowly falling shut.

“I know it’s still daytime, but maybe you should go and get some rest?”

She had forced herself to climb a mountain earlier this morning, only to use up the rest of her stamina fighting me immediately afterward. She’d no doubt gone two or three times over her limit today, so she was probably wrought with fatigue by now.

“Eh? Ah…! Sorry!”

She tried to straighten herself in a fluster, but a strong spell of drowsiness wasn’t something you could snap out of so easily.

And this was even more true for someone with a tattered body like her.

“…I’ll head back to my own tent then.”

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She was the one who knew what was best for herself.

If she were to continue to stay here while dozing off like this, she’d just end up being a hindrance.

“That sounds like a good idea.”

Judging from the way the rain was still coming down, it didn’t seem like we’d be able to get any productive traveling done today anyway.