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Chiaki and I gave a “Hmph” before turning around with our backs facing each other. Konoha-san, who was in the middle, annoyingly scratched her cheeks. To calm things down, she said this a bit forcefully.

“Um, well, Amano-senpai, thank you for accompanying me to here-“


Suddenly, Chiaki noticed how Konoha-san called me as she put on a poker face.

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I responded with a frown.

“What, you got a problem? I’m a year older than Konoha-san. That’s a normal thing for her to call me that right.”

“It’s not. You don’t deserve to be called senpai at all, how arrogant of you. Moreover, our Konoha is cute, smart, gentle, and the student council president. She’s the perfect little sister.”

Konoha-san lowered her head with a blush after Chiaki tried to fend me off.

“Uwah…we got another person that blatantly praises people here…forgive me…”

Konoha-san seemed to be mumbling something, but I couldn’t much as I’m retorting.

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“Konoha-san is indeed adorable and smart. Also, I realized that she has a good personality after I talked to her. I’m convinced that she’ll be a fantastic student council president as well! But I’m really older than her!”

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Konoha-san seemed to have blushed so hard that she had enough and screamed.