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” ~~~, anyway, promised me tonight? I’ve already remembered you. I’m locked on. Okay!”

Shinobu and the old man, whose expressionless faces turned red for the first time, left the place with a trot.

「She was a strange woman...」

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『Tonight. Well, I care not if you intend to play... 』

「No way. I don’t want to get involved. Quickly, just leave this town.」

I said it unintentionally, but I didn’t want to get involved with her anymore. I decided to buy a cake quickly, so I went to the cake shop.

Unfortunately, I’ll have a very early reunion with Shinobu, who I was hoping to not get involved with anymore.

However, it was not on the board, but a reunion on the battlefield.

Author’s Note

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Recently, I was wondering if the readers of this novel are of the same age group...

[S1] I’m guessing ツブラだ refers to their currency. Phonetically it goes, Tsuburada, but I went with Tsuvlad.

[S2] The word here, 真剣師, refers to those who play board games for stakes (big money). Usually used for Shogi players but can also apply for Go, Chess and Yu-gi-oh!!

[S3] PHRASING!! This can so be taken the wrong way....

[S4] Yes, there is.... (︶︹︺)

Translated by: Sads07

Honestly, there are too many types.

Bite size. Chocolate —fruit-ones, in the hall.

“Which one is better ...”