How is the online dragon make money?

How is the online dragon make money?

“How can you be as powerful as the rumors say you are?”

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November 2nd, Wednesday...

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Pei Qian woke up as usual and went to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe to have his breakfast while scrolling through his cell phone.

He actually did not care about selling the GOG teams because there was no need to.

He was just waiting for Tengda to take over after all the teams failed to be sold!

He was browsing today’s news when someone suddenly called.

Pei Qian looked closely. It was Lin Chang!

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Why was he calling?

Fei Huang Workspace’s new movie was not even confirmed yet!

Puzzled, Pei Qian picked up the phone.

“Hello? Boss Pei, I heard that the clubs in Tengda’s GPL league are now transferring their existing GOG teams and GPL spots?”

Pei Qian’s mind immediately filled with question marks.

He quickly said, “Lin Wan told you?”

Lin Chang smiled. “There’s no need for Ah Wan to tell me. It’s all over the internet!”

Pei Qian’s mind filled with more question marks.

He quickly gestured for the waiter to bring his laptop over. He held his cell phone as he searched for relevant information online.

In the end, the news was all over the Internet!

He did not know where it had come from, but there was even information about the prices of various clubs. A large number of netizens had been discussing it since last night!

He casually scanned through a few posts.