Is it true to make money on Ding Sheng?

Is it true to make money on Ding Sheng?

It felt like he was under immense pressure to spend more money. On top of his regular expenses, Pei Qian had to look for other avenues to spend money.

He looked at the premium cutlery and familiar food in front of him. All of a sudden, Pei Qian realized that the take-out business could start taking on more expenses.

After all, Fish-Catching Take-Out had been incurring losses for long enough; Pei Qian trusted it now.

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“If it doesn’t work, I can drink some poison to quench my thirst, right?”

Pei Qian pondered hard and decided he would leave the next cycle’s problems till then to resolve.

First, he had to make sure that he incurred losses in time for the next settlement. After all, this did not just concern money; it also concerned the special reward that the System had prepared for him.

As for what he would do if he earned everything back with interest during the next cycle...

He could open more businesses to spend more money then.

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At the end of the day, he had to resolve the problems on his hands at the moment!

At that thought, Pei Qian retrieved his phone and looked at his calendar. It was October 13th. He had until October 24th to continue spending more money on Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and Upwind Logistics. After that, he would have to stop.

If he wanted to spend more money in that final week, he would have to do so on his own employees.

Tengda was considered a huge company now. More than a hundred employees were working on Tengda Games, Zhongdian Chinese Network, and TPDb. In addition to the forty-odd employees in Shang Yang Games, the hundred-odd employees in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, and the delivery men in Upwind Logistics and Fish-Catching Take-Out; Pei Qian had a total of six to seven hundred employees to take care of.

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Of course, he treated the employees of different businesses differently. He could not possibly give his delivery men the same benefits as he did the core employees of Tengda Games.

If he spent more money on each person, he would be under less stress.

However, there was a limit to the number of benefits he could distribute. What if he still could not finish spending all the additional money?

Pei Qian pondered for a moment and decided to drink some poison to quench his thirst. He would organize a sale! Pei Qian could not do this during the previous cycle, mainly because Fish-Catching Internet Cafe had been his only physical business. What’s more, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe had only become famous just before settlement. Pei Qian’s hands were tied; he could not do anything about it.

This time, the money was rolling in much earlier. That meant Pei Qian had plenty of time to react.

He looked at the time and then looked at October 24th on his calendar. Although it had not yet become common, 1024 was Programmer’s Day.