Where can I get a book online?

Where can I get a book online?

"What is it you want to confirm?".

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"From now on too, as much as possible I'd like to avoid doing conspicuous things. But, depending on the situation, I may have to move behind the scenes like I have up until now. At that time, just as you always have, please lend me your power".

"That, isn't it a little late to be saying that? Say it during the whole partner talk earlier".

"That's right I suppose".

After a brief silence, Karuizawa sighed once candidly.

"That's fine, I'll lend you a hand. In exchange, with all your power, protect me ok? If my relationship with Hirata-kun ends, various troublesome things might happen".

"Yeah, I promise".

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Beyond the thick clouds, the sun started to set.

The two of us together, stared out at the sun that was no longer visible.

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"Christmas is also over, huh".

"If I recall......Christmas goes from the evening of the 24th until the evening of the 25th, was it?".

That is why lovers mostly spend time together from the night of the 24th until the evening of the 25th, it is said.

Because it can be considered the greatest bliss for lovers to welcome the moment the 25th starts together. However, in regards to the world, Christmas can be thought to hold slightly special circumstances. It is because the calendar of the church inherited from the Jewish calender determined it to range from the 24th of December until the 25th of December.

But there are almost no lovers who are aware of Judaism or the birth of Christ. It could be said that in modern times, it has been made into a trendy event by becoming a fad.

This year's Christmas, including the Eve, have been quite busy. Soon the 1st year will end.

"Let's go back, shall we?".

I start walking. And then, with a slight delay, Kei also starts walking.

In this one year, looking back the one I've gotten the closest to may be Kei who's behind me. This is likely something Kei herself also feels. Before I realized it, she had sublimed into an essential existence for me. To call this friendship, might be being somewhat rude to Kei but........it's just, from now on, if I can aim for Class A and sever my connection with the student council, at that time we could be friends.......no, I feel like it could change into something beyond that.

It's the cold season now. Did you catch a cold? It's Kinugasa Shougo.