Is it true that the online brush is different?

Is it true that the online brush is different?

“That’s why we have to make a function similar to ‘telekinesis’ so that players don’t tire themselves out playing it. What’s more, we have to use the VR controller as much as possible to store props and other functions.”

“In terms of packaging, it’s mainly forest, animals, and cartoon style. However, there must be some technological elements in it. Some less reasonable content can be packaged with ‘Black Technology’.”

“Finally... the name of the game.

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“I’m a little useless at naming things...”

Ye Zhizhou said, “This is Slow Movement Studio’s first project. You should be the one to determine the name of the game.”

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Lin Wan thought for a moment. “Alright, then... let’s call it ‘Animal Island’! It might not be a good name, but it should be passable.”

Ye Zhizhou nodded. “Yes, we can choose this name for now. If we think of something better in the future, we can change it.”

Lin Wan looked at Old Song again. “I’ll summarize the operations that need to be used in the game later. For example, telekinesis, bowstring, and so on. The research and development of the controller might also take care of these functions then. For example, add vibration in different modes, add sensor recognition pressure, touch, optical data, and so on.”

“These details would severely affect the gamers’ gaming experience. We can’t be sloppy. We have to try our best to combine the soft hardware. The game and VR glasses will be perfectly complemented, giving gamers the best gaming experience!”

Old Song nodded. “Don’t worry. Just let me know if you have any requests. I’ll do my best to cooperate! These problems should be solvable as long as the funds are in place. We should be able to find alternatives even if we can’t solve them perfectly!”

Lin Wan heaved a sigh of relief. “Alright, the details of the game are almost done. I’ll write the design plan out as soon as possible later. Everyone, go and do your own things!”

Lin Wan was relieved after the meeting and the specific form of the game.