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Products of the Gods, followed by a string of related videos

When he thought about that, Qiao Liang started making his videos.

The second episode of the ‘Products of the Gods’ series: Repent and be Saved, a Hardcore Game that Tortures the Players!

The clips for the video had already been filmed, and the synopsis was almost completed. He was left with the editing and voiceover before he could upload the video.

The content of the video was not centered on the difficulty of the game. There were already many debates about the game’s difficulty level on the internet.

In Qiao Liang’s opinion, the main factor that the fake reviewers and haters critiqued was the game’s difficulty. Although what they did was utterly evil, he would be falling into their trap if he overemphasized it.

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The motive of the fake reviewers was to highlight the difficulty level of the game. They wanted to demonize the game’s difficulty and, in turn, discourage netizens who were unconfident about their gaming skills from playing the game. If he emphasized that too much, it would only allow the notion that ‘the game is hard to sink into the minds of his viewers. That would deviate from his original intention of promoting the game to ordinary netizens.

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Therefore, the difficulty level of the game was a natural barrier that prevented netizens from trying out the game. It was also the main battle scene for fake reviewers and haters.

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If he wanted to defeat the haters and fake reviewers, he needed to attack that opinion from a higher perspective. He needed to explain the reason and purpose behind the high difficulty level of the game!

After experiencing the long torture that Qiao Liang had suffered, he had found new reasoning in the process. The spiritual core of the game! He could link the game’s difficulty level with its spiritual core. That was the deeper meaning that the game was trying to bring to the players!

Qiao Liang referenced a few sentences that he found on Zhongdian Chinese Network. He noted down some of his thoughts when he played the game and included that in his synopsis. After completing that, Qiao Liang had finally finished writing the content for that episode of the series.

He read through it a few times. Satisfied with what he read, Qiao Liang nodded his head.

Afterward, he opened the video editing app.