Is online advertising plus WeChat to make money?

Is online advertising plus WeChat to make money?

The president could not stop the shock and was blown far away.

(Now is the time to attack!)

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I started sprinting towards her, in order to exploit the opening when she landed.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

「Don’t underestimate an『Arcstria』!」

The president focused her eyes and warded off all eight slashes.

By flowing her sword blade along the slashes, she changed their direction. A fearsomely delicate skill.

(…But it’s strange.)

Her movements were too precise.

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The reaction rate was higher than that of Sid-san, and Idol using Flying Thunder God.

It was as if she knew in advance where my slashes would fly.

(There is some kind of a trick here.)

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Coming to that conclusion, I surveyed the surroundings carefully and soon found the answer.