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Obviously, Tengda would be more generous if they gave it away for free!

The price war had not officially started yet, but gamers’ attention had already been attracted by Tengda’s 515 Game Festival. Even IOI’s veteran gamers were coveting it and looking down on IOI’s activities. What else could they do?

They were completely crushed by the other party the moment the game started!

However, Zhao Xuming felt that there was still a chance to turn things around even in this confusion.

Boss Pei was indeed being generous by doing this. However, Tengda’s financial problems would become even more serious.

Initially, they could still recover from the discount. However, in order to surpass Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation, Boss Pei insisted on giving them nothing.

The result of trying to bite off more than one could chew was often swallowing one’s teeth.

However, was Boss Pei bluffing or was he strategizing and full of confidence?

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No one could guess.

Zhao Xuming was thinking when his cell phone rang.

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Indeed, it was from Eric.

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“Boss Zhao, you’ve seen the specific rules of the 515 Games Festival, right?” Eric’s voice was low. Obviously, this matter had completely exceeded his expectations.

Zhao Xuming nodded. “I saw it. What should we do?”

Eric sounded serious, but he was still calm. “There’s no need to rush. Let’s observe first.”

“The last person to laugh in the money-burning war depends on who can burn longer. The benefits of the 515 Games Day at the beginning have completely suppressed us, but how long can this benefit last? Let’s say that it can last for a week and the entire game festival, what about after that? Does Tengda still have the strength to deal with our new attack?”