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After I asked, Chiaki…shouted the answer out excitedly for some reason.

“We were still loners a while ago. Now, …we’re already like this, getting annoyed with normie relationship problems like we're in Terrace House. That's why I’m so throbbed!”

“…Uwah! You’re right!”

I didn’t realize before she said it. T-This is impressive, we’re making a lot of progress! What a luxurious trouble for us to have! There should be a limit to how normie we can be!

We can’t help but stop walking and stare at the sky for a moment.


Alright, the jokes end here.

We finally arrived at the platform that we saw earlier after a long walk on the stairs. There’s a celestial globe made with bronze here, and even benches for people to take a small break. Although there’s no one around right now, the atmosphere feels a bit warm somehow.

Even so, Chiaki and I aren’t going to sit down here. We glanced at the celestial globe at the corner of our eyes as we walked through the platform and started talking again.

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“Sigh, honestly, from my stance, I also hope to explain this properly to Tendou-san as well.”

Chiaki was troubled by what I just said earlier, but she still nodded forcefully in the end.

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“You’re right. If Tendou-san hates me because of that, or she’s blaming the relationship between you and me. I can only say it can’t be helped since it’s all my fault.”

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“…It’s all our fault.”