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How to play lottery money online?

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For a shop that had already been confirmed not to be on the food street, this premium was actually very considerable. Someone would definitely sell it.

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After buying it, Li Shi would transfer professionals from other industries that he had invested in, such as chain internet cafes, bars, cafes, and the like to be in charge of these shops.

What’s more, Li Shi could also choose to rent a portion of the shops to Tengda at a low price and sign a long term contract.

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The snack market would only cover one street in the beginning but what if it were to expand in the future due to increase in traffic?

Moreover, Boss Li’s reputation was completely different from those shop owners.

Most of the shop owners did not have the resources or the ability. They had also rejected Tengda’s good intentions. Tengda would definitely not cooperate with them.

However, Li Shi had the resources and had a good relationship with Boss Pei. Both parties had good working relationships. Even if they could not make it to the ‘internal shops of the Gourmet Street’, it would not be a problem for them to make it to the ‘cooperative shops of the Gourmet Street’.

It would not be a problem for him to drink some soup from the food street as long as he had Tengda’s approval.

There was no reason for Tengda to reject this suggestion. That was because Li Shi and the other investors had bought the shops around the food street. Tengda could not possibly buy all of these shops.

Instead of working with a boss whom they did not know and did not have any resources or abilities, why not work with an old acquaintance like Li Shi?

What Li Shi was most concerned about was the potential appreciation of these shops many years later.

Those shop owners might be suspicious and could not wait that long. However, Li Shi would definitely not be suspicious.

Xue Zhebin nodded. “Alright, I’ll inform the other investors now!”

May 31st, Thursday...

Shanghai, Shengyun Express Corporation headquarters.

Shengyun Express Corporation was currently the boss of the domestic delivery industry. It occupied half of the delivery business.