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Thanks to Mii, I got myself out of that strange atmosphere.

“Sigh, …alright, you two, let’s go.”

Amano turned around after he smiled bitterly. The other members took a step forward to catch up.

I got Mii on my shoulders properly once again since she nearly fell down when I tickled her. -However, I caught her off-guard and tried to tickle her waist a couple more times.

“Aha, aha, ahahaha! I-I can’t. Ahh, …ugh!”

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So, at last, Mii leaned on the back of my head softly. She even let out a flirty sound that a little girl shouldn’t have.

…Ah, crap. I think I overdid it and didn’t know when to stop this time. Yep. This way, …doesn’t this look like they’re reporting to the police in others’ eyes?

After I regained my calm, I quickly withdrew my hand from Mii’s waist before anyone misunderstood me-

“Hey, that lolicon over there. I’m sorry. ‘That’ belongs to me.”

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-Suddenly, someone impaled my body from behind with an ice spear.


Ruthless, cold, sharp, hostile, the tone is as rough as a guy’s- It’s a girl’s sound. It made me feel all those emotions.

That voice from behind isn’t targeting another direction. It’s precisely locked on us.

“Eh, that handsome guy over there, are you listening? I’ll beat you up if you don’t answer, alright? Okay? I’ll treat silence as a yes.”


-I took this intimidating aura head-on. It’s not just me…even Amano and the guys, who are not far ahead, immediately froze too.

We couldn’t move at all. It’s as if someone froze our movement. …In the past, I’ve experienced a couple “dangerous” scenes before. However, this is the first time that I can clearly feel I should admit defeat.

This is not just afraid of death or getting killed. Instead, it’s a kind of “it couldn’t be saved no matter what I do” feeling. I can do nothing but submit. Right, this is an over-absolute violent aura.

…The woman that’s continuing radiating this aura pressed on.