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Konoha-san, whose eyes are filled with lust, put her hand onto the board. Then, as if her saliva is about to drip out of her mouth, she grabbed it in excitement.

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“Now, …it’s the opposite!”


So, the disguised board was pulled out. Then, what’s below-

“-Uh, ah, eh?”


-It’s something expected for an escape gamer lover like me. In other words-

“It’s a key…instead of the game itself?”


…Konoha-san took out the small key under the board and froze. I looked at her and sighed.

“Konoha-san, if this is really like an escape game, you can’t get that legendary hentai game this easily.”

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“Eh, what does that mean?”

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“That's what I meant. You won’t fight with the final boss right away, right? The same goes for escape games like this. It won’t just give you what you want at the start. In other words…”

“This is just level 1…?”