Make money online play kinds of strawberries

Make money online play kinds of strawberries

“At the time, I was confused. He never played FPS games; why did he suddenly change his mind?

“I asked him and found out the answer. He was trying to earn money!”

“People selling Barrett Dooms on trading platforms were pricing them at two to three thousand yuan, and yet they still went out of stock! After all, there were only five hundred of those for sale each month. Many people wanted to buy them for their own use. Otherwise, they planned to keep them for longer and wait for the price to increase. If whales wanted to obtain them, they would increase the price significantly!

“Many scalpers were overjoyed. They spent a lot of money to buy them and then kept them. After all, there are only going to be five hundred more for sale next month. This thing holds its value!

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“In the end, the officials released another patch. After that, people could snatch Barrett Dooms using their credit rating! The higher one’s credit rating, the higher their chances of pre-ordering a Barrett Doom.

“What’s more, it’s not like ordinary people would have no chance. As long as you are a real player and not a scalper who created an account just to obtain a Barrett Doom, you would have a chance to get the weapon!

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“The higher one’s credit rating was, the more chances they would have to obtain the Barrett Doom!

“Although this sounds unreliable, it’s a type of metaphysics!

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“Everyone began to think of ways to increase their own credit ratings. They kept grinding in the game; they played story mode and wanted to increase their ranking. People even discovered that topping up their accounts would increase their credit rating. Many rich players started to buy as many Red Kilins as possible!

“This weapon was good anyway, and they could look impressive in the game. It would even increase their chances of obtaining a Barrett Doom…

“People in our gaming circles really managed to obtain a Barrett Doom. The day before, they sold it for more than three thousand yuan. There are even bosses with third-grade credit ratings selling their accounts because they no longer have time to play. Now, whales are buying their accounts for over fifteen thousand yuan!

“Now, accounts with second- and third-grade credit ratings are becoming more valuable than Barrett Doom. After all, there will be more and more epic weapons in the future. These accounts can be seen as money trees!