How to dubbing online

How to dubbing online

Boss Pei was so confident because he had come up with a very detailed and perfect design plan that would solve the series of problems that existed before Mission and Choice.

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However, the game ‘Mission and Choice’ was too strange. What kind of design concept was needed to make it successful?

This plan was created because Pei Qian and He An had discussed the ‘a game plan that was most unlikely to become successful’.

Huge investment, RTS game, sci-fi genre, poor balance, simple operations... These were all ‘fatal flaws’ that He An had raised.

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He An believed that the game would never succeed as long as Boss Pei did as he requested.

What’s more, Boss Pei had used the game’s name and background that was previously known as the ‘disgrace of the domestic games industry’. There was no chance of success at all.

Now, seeing how confident Boss Pei was, He An became more interested in the game. However, he also became more confused.

After a brief introduction, Hu Xianbin said, “Boss Pei, Boss He, would you like to try out this game’s DEMO?”

Pei Qian nodded immediately. “Of course.”

Hu Xianbin immediately brought up the DEMO for Mission and Choice on his computer. Then, he said, “Boss Pei, the current DEMO’s completion rate is still alright, but a lot of parts of the plot are missing. That’s because the plot is expressed in movies. However, the movie is still filming, so we can only experience pure combat for now.”

Pei Qian nodded. “Alright, I understand.”

Then, he looked at He An. “Why don’t you try it out and give me some suggestions.”

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He An did not decline much. He sat in front of his computer and began to experience the DEMO of Mission and Choice.

As a real-time strategy type of game, Mission and Choice was naturally divided into stages.