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I didn’t understand how I interacted with her in the past.

In order to escape from Aguri, I had to leave this place.

“T-That’s enough for today! Y-You should go home early today!”

“Huh~~! Tasuku, aren’t you going to see me home?”

“Y-Your place faces the shopping district, it is not dangerous at all even if you walk back at night! Bye!”

I turned my back towards Aguri’s unhappy voice, and left the scene hastily. I walked on the street briskly, trying to cool my burning cheeks.

─ I walked like this for some time. On a whim, I looked at the reflection of myself on a shop’s glass window, and…

A figure who looked dazed with blushing cheeks stared back at me, just like Tendo earlier─

In other words, that was a reflection of a pure youth who had fallen deeply in love.


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After the turmoil on Friday, Saturday and Sunday went by and it was the morning of Monday.

Because of various reasons, I went to school with dark circles under my eye and waltzed lazily into Class 2F. Masaya and the others greeted me energetically: “Morning!”

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I stifled a yawn and replied: “Morning~~” went to my seat and placed my bag on my desk.

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─ I then cast my gaze to the corner of the class, locking eyes with Amano who was playing a portable game console.

I hesitated momentarily about what to do, and that guy seemed to be worrying about me unnecessary, and shifted his eyes back onto his console. I got mad when I saw Amano act that way.