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“Oh, I think Amano will understand as well.”

“I guess so. That’s precisely why Kase and I felt a bit pissed.”

“I know that feeling. I feel pissed whenever I was convinced by a guy like Amano.”

“That’s right.”

Nina-senpai and I smiled at each other. It was not until now that I realized this person is a beauty. I can’t help but to flustered for a little. That’s why…

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“By the way, why did I just randomly chat to a beautiful girl and enjoy it? Isn’t this the exact reason that made Aguri worried about me?”

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“What’s wrong, Fake Umehara? You are scratching your hair so intensely.”

“It’s nothing, I’m just scared that I’ll turn into a celebrity completely…”

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“Sorry, what? You sound disgusting. Please tell me that was a joke, Fake Umehara.”

Nina-senpai is terrified. I switched back to my standard expression as I spoke nobly.

“I’m just kidding.”

“Uwah…then, you aren’t talented at all.”

“Ah, so senpai’s affection for me will drop no matter what I say.”

“Yeah, you were stuck after you said that.”

“Hmm. What should I do to save…”

I just suddenly realized in the middle of my speech. Uh, what the hell am I talking about?

Why do I have to fight for girls’ affection other than Aguri? Tasuku Uehara, isn’t this your biggest issue? You really need to stop being so smooth and slick. Being kind and gentle to everyone will just cause you to owe someone that is the closest to you. You hurt…Aguri.

-During this time, perhaps it’s because I looked down on the floor with a serious expression on my face. Nina-senpai, who loses her cool rarely, freaked out as she apologized.