Online singing make money method 6

Online singing make money method 6

“… That’s not something you should be proud of. And I thought boys would care more about winning and losing.”

“I don’t really like to compete with others. After all, I avoid trouble.”

I already gave up on trying to get 1st place. My only goal is to avoid the supplementary lessons.

I was put in lane 2, while Sudou was in the first lane. Matching Sudou’s pace was impossible, so I didn’t even try to. I aimed to stay in the middle so I wasn’t last place. Keeping that in mind, I dived into the pool.

Finishing the 50m stretch with great speed, Sudou looked up from the water. The boys and girls let out a voice of admiration.

“Is that even possible, Sudou? You finished in 25 seconds.”

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I only got 36 seconds. About 10th place. Great, I don’t have to take supplementary lessons then.

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“Sudou, won’t you join the swimming club? If you practiced, you’d compete pretty well.”

“I plan on just playing basketball. Swimming’s just for fun.”

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Not even breaking a sweat from that small amount of swimming, Sudou calmly got out of the pool.

“Ah, Sudou certainly has good reflexes.”

Ike elbowed Sudou, feeling jealous.


A girl let out a scream (of joy).

Hirata was on the start line.

While Sudou’s body gathered the admiration of the boys, Hirata’s body gathered the admiration of the girls. Hirata is slender but still well-built. You can call him a slender macho man. Hearing the cheering from the girls for Hirata, Ike made a spitting gesture. Sudou also made a displeased face and glared at Hirata. (Note: apparently “slender macho” is actually a term?)