Reciting the article online to make money

Reciting the article online to make money

Bao Xu’s monitor was displaying Zhongdian Chinese Network’s website.

He looked like he was so engrossed in an exciting online novel that he could not be bothered about anything that was happening around him.

However, the moment Tang Yishu passed him, he scanned his surroundings with the corners of his eyes to make sure that he was not within anyone’s line of sight. Then, he switched to the gaming program at once.

He scanned the edited document, saved it, and then sent it to Li Yada using the chat software.

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Once he was done with everything, Bao Xu heaved a sigh of relief and continued pretending to read.

Switching back and forth between games and the program was slower and less convenient. It also placed Bao Xu at a higher risk of being exposed. Switching from an online novel website was far quicker.

Although research and development of GOG was ramping up, there was still a lot of designing work to do.

That was because games of this genre often produced many bugs.

The unique mechanisms of each hero; the prioritization of their skills; whether the actions, special effects, and stats of their skills made sense or not; whether other details needed to be perfected…

All of these were design problems that they needed to continuously work on.

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The sum of all of these would be beyond Li Yada and her design team’s capabilities. Of course, Bao Xu had to step in to help.

However, the threat of another paid holiday made Bao Xu feel a little weak.

He did not dare to edit the document in the open. Thus, he had no choice but to secretly send it to Li Yada after making edits. She would then be the one to upload the document.

That way, Bao Xu could avoid being named the most outstanding employee once again.

A few minutes later, Li Yada replied to him.

“Should I apply for you to work overtime this weekend? Or are you going to come to the office secretly again?