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Facing the unusual situation, Karen’s answer is…!?

BUGL, it’s an evil amalgamation of gamers’ frustration.

One gamer stood up to protect others from its evil powers.

Her name is- Magical Girl Karen!

< Episode 1: Guidance>

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“Form a bond with me and become a magical girl.”

The mysterious white fox creature, Kinta, suggested.

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I thought about it for a moment and answered.

“If there are ranked battles.”

“Ranked battles!?”

“Eh, no? Ranked battles.”

“I was going to ask why is that the first question you have!? Where can I find ranked battles for you!?”

“Well, what’s the point of becoming a magical girl then?”

“For the peace of the streets!”

“I don’t feel like it…”

“Feel like it! Don’t you have justice in your heart!?”