Make money online industry chain

Make money online industry chain

So that was what Senior meant!

Senior is so awesome! He had predicted and planned everything in advance!

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The inspection of the incubation base was finally over. Qiu Hong took out his cell phone and glanced at the time. He said to Tang Yishu, “Let’s call it a day then. We’ll go to Lady Cold Face’s place tomorrow at 9 AM.”

December 9th, Friday morning.

Meng Chang instructed the employees and the cleaning auntie to do their own jobs in the flagship store of the Cold-Faced Lady. The entire store, including the kitchen, was cleaned. At the same time, the tables and chairs in the store were neatly arranged.

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The long term ‘Cold-Faced Lady’ was a Chinese fast food brand. Of course, they also sold breakfast.

It was five in the morning. While they had already done a round of cleaning after the closing last night, Meng Chang was still worried. He arrived early in the morning and checked the shop one last time before opening it for business. He wanted to ensure that the shop was in its best state.

Meng Chang did not know that Tang Yishu had come to the capital. He did not clean for her today, but for the few investors who were here for inspection.

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Tang Yishu had coincidentally bumped into these investors.

It started from the time when Meng Chang received six million yuan from Dream Realization Ventures.

Meng Chang did not dare to divulge that the six million yuan had been obtained from Tengda because of Boss Pei’s request. However, Meng Chang was very smart. Naturally, he had other ways to pass this information to the investors.

Many investors had already extended an olive branch to Meng Chang before Pei Qian decided to invest six million yuan.

However, Meng Chang rejected all of them. That was because the terms of the investment were too harsh on him. They were either valuation adjustment mechanism agreements or locked up the founder’s shares. It was very unfriendly to him.

The investors did not insist nor give up immediately after Meng Chang rejected them. Instead, they maintained a neutral attitude and continued to observe.

They were waiting for the Cold-Faced Lady to run into financial problems.

Now, all investors could tell that Meng Chang was a founder who was passionate about burning money for marketing. It would not be able to sustain Meng Chang’s speed of burning even if the Cold-Faced Lady could turn its losses into profits.

Of course, this was not a bad thing because Meng Chang was good at marketing. He had indeed burned money to forcibly instill the Cold Faced Lady brand into his customers. Not only was this money not a loss, it was very profitable.

This was in line with internet marketing in the eyes of many investors. Meng Chang had done it beautifully.

Meng Chang and capital were both needed by each other.