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“When the correct five people walk together, they would explode with energy that would shock the world. However, what I want to emphasize is who was the one who made the correct five people walk together? Who formed FV Ultimate Fantasy’s coach team for them?”

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“Actually, if we look back at the group photo of FV Team when they set off for Los Angeles, we would be surprised to find that many of them look ordinary, but they actually have a huge background!”

“Next, I’ll reveal the identities of the members of this Dream Team to everyone!”

“When I first saw this picture, I felt the same as most people. I felt that it was making a mountain out of a molehill. The other two clubs added together did not have as many people as FV Club. Would they need to make it so grand to go out and compete?”

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“However, after asking around for the identities of the people in this photo, I realized how powerful this Dream Team was!”

“First, there are five starting members of FV Team and Coach Old Zhou. Everyone knows them, it’s needless to say. Next to them are FV’s boss Wu Yue and Manager Lu, and next to them is FV’s second team. They are adding strength to the original three members. Then there are the main members of SUG and Boss Ding Gan...”

“Previously, many people revealed that FV Team did not have any mock competition. The other teams did not want to deal with them, but in fact, Team Two and SUG had been training with them!”

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“Of course, that’s not the main point. The main point is that these people that no one knows about are the core members of the FV Dream Coach team!”

“This is Min Jingchao. He is GOG’s current chief designer. He is in charge of all the figures and balance designs. This is Ye Zhizhou. He is the chief designer of Shang Yang Games. Do you remember that IOI’s local server was once managed by Shang Yang Games? He was the person-in-charge back then.”

“There’s also this man who looks a little dark and skinny with an unconvinced expression. His background is even bigger. He’s the famous ‘Traveler Bao Xu’ of Tengda, a veteran of Tengda who has been second place for many outstanding employees awards! It’s said that he’s behind the outstanding games in Tengda. What’s more, he’s not only good at designing games, but he’s also good at playing games. He’s an elite gamer in many games!”

“In other words, FV Team’s tactical team does not only include their original coach and analyst, but also GOG’s designer and GOG’s original Master Tactician! It’s no wonder that they could so naturally use the tactics in GOG in IOI’s competition!”

This post caused a heated discussion immediately.

In fact, this photo had been posted on FV Team’s official Weibo for a long time. However, at that time, everyone’s focus was on the number of people, and they did not delve into the identity of these people.

Now that someone had exposed it, everyone realized that GOG’s chief designer had personally gone to Los Angeles to do data analysis for FV Team?

What the heck!

The chief designer of GOG and the former core member of DGE, Old Zhou, could be said to have the best understanding of GOG’s game. One provided data support in the game, and the other formulated strategies based on the team’s actual situation. If the two of them worked together, they would definitely be able to master control everything.

The most important thing was that they were not fighting alone. The coaches and analysts of so many GPL teams were constantly digging deeper into tactics. Old Zhou had a huge resource warehouse that could be used as he pleased; Min Jingchao could also get the other designers of GOG to analyze the game data.

From the looks of it now, FV’s logistics team had basically brought all of the GOG Development Team and GPL’s reserve tactics over. This was not an expedition at all. It was the headquarters riding the face!

Wasn’t it obvious who sent these people?