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The stupid woman who’s helplessly in love with her boyfriend grabbed the corner of my suit jacket with sharp eyes…Basically, she’ll pretend that I don’t exist while forcing me to hear her nagging or carry her bags.”

“Ah, I knew it. This treatment is called “slavery” in our society.”

I can’t help but look at the sky. The red sun is burning hot.

“Is it because I stayed in the classroom after school…”

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Come to think of it, …once I realized the time that I finished chatting with my friends is the same as the end of the Game Club assembly, I already sensed that something terrible is coming.

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So, I nervously walked to the entrance of the school and took a look. Just like what I expected…I met Tendou, who’s explicitly sighing because she’s depressed for some reason.

“If I decided to support Hoshinomori, I really…don’t want to have anything to do with Tendou.”

Although I thought about this in my mind, as a partner in the Hobby Club, …and as a friend, I can’t leave an obviously depressed person behind.

I asked like I’m not trying to bear any responsibility. “Hey, T-Tendou, you’re going home as well?” Then it’s over.

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It’s a rare chance to “walk” home with her. So, she started to talk about inviting Amano to the club today. She then expressed directly how attractive her boyfriend is and basically showing off how loving they are. Of course, I wanted to escape when there’s a chance…However, while Aguri is easy to deal with, this girl is still the legendary Karen Tendou. I can’t leave in front of her, even when there’s a good chance.

“I feel like she’s the final boss.”

Although I don’t want to stay here for a second longer, it’s been more than 10 minutes since I walked home with Tendou.

Things were better in the high-level residential area where no one’s around, I was having a hard time when we’re traversing over the urban area.

“…Damn, I sure do hope no weird rumours will start because of this…”

It’s probably alright if we brought more Game Hobby Club members here to chat. However, it’s a pretty iconic scenery when a guy and a girl are walking home together. At least I would think that they’re couples when a high school boy and girl are walking alone.

“Also, we’re talking about her…”

This is the first time I’ve experienced everyone turning their heads to look at us on the streets. This tale is so unusual that I’m suspecting that Tamori-san will show up sooner or later. Also, after they glanced at Tendou, they will eventually stare at the guy next to her… [Note: This is a reference to the horror science fiction TV show Tales of the Unusuals with Tamori as the host.]

“Even though I’ll tell Amano a thing or two usually, …but this is really miserable.”