money wise

money wise

What’s going on?

No one is taking the bait?

Are all of them so cautious?

Or could it be that all of you have already mastered telepathy?

Pei Qian frowned and said, “Why aren’t you saying anything?”

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Huang Sibo cleared his throat. “Boss Pei, our understanding of the Tengda spirit is too superficial and one-sided. We shouldn’t embarrass ourselves.”

Lin Wan nodded as well. “Yes, this problem is too complicated. I don’t know where to start.”

Ma Yiqun had an unfathomable expression on his face as he said, “It can only be understood but not explained in words. We can’t go into details, it would be wrong once it is explained.”

Xiao Peng: “Our understanding of the Tengda spirit is not even a ten-thousandth of the true Tengda spirit. We can’t, we can’t.”

Only Ma Yang raised his long face, which was buried deep in his plate, and looked at everyone blankly. He had no idea what they were talking about.

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He wanted to say something, but he had no idea where to start.

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Pei Qian could not help but be flabbergasted.

I’m f*cking asking you to tell me about the Tengda spirit, not to discuss Zen!

Instead, I’m actually hearing things like ‘We can’t go into details, it would be wrong once it is explained”?

These people gave Pei Qian the impression that they were a group of old monks. They spoke in such a confusing manner that Pei Qian could not ask them even if he wanted to.

Pei Qian was a little helpless. “It doesn’t matter. Everyone can speak freely no matter whether it’s right or wrong.”

The people in charge looked at each other but remained indifferent.

Huang Sibo, Lin Wan, and the other veteran employees looked especially determined.

A few of the more experienced people in charge wanted to say something, but when they saw Huang Sibo, Lin Wan, and the others’ expressions, they immediately realized what was going on and shut their mouths obediently.