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Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Handong University branch…

The waiter served three cups of coffee.

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Apart from Lin Chang, another person was sitting opposite Pei Qian. She was a 27- to 28-year-old woman who looked similar to Lin Wan, except much more mature. She looked every bit the leader.

Lin Chang did not have to introduce her for Pei Qian to know that this was Lin Wan’s older sister. She was Lin Yu, the one in charge of Shenhua’s cell phone business.

One could only say that one’s family background would determine the heights of one’s career to a certain extent.

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Assistant Xin was about as old as Lin Yu, but she did not come from such a noble background. No matter how hard she worked, she could only become the assistant to a company’s president at best.

Lin Chang looked quite energetic and the same as before.

After they had introduced themselves to one another, Pei Qian and Lin Yu had exchanged a couple of pleasantries. Then, they took their seats.

“Boss Pei, it’s been a long time.”

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Lin Chang smiled. “I heard from Ah Wan that Boss Pei owns a pretty good restaurant. It’s very popular on Quanmin Reviews and has high ratings, too. It’s now the most popular high-end restaurant in Jingzhou. I wonder if we will have the good fortune of trying it out soon. Boss Pei, don’t worry. It’ll be my treat.”

Ming Yun Private Kitchen? Heh, don’t even talk about it.

Pei Qian sipped his coffee sorrowfully. “I’m sorry, you have to wait until the 26th if you want to eat there. That’s this Sunday. It’s fully booked until then; even I cannot eat there whenever I want.”


Lin Chang almost laughed out loud. “It’s that popular? It’s fully booked until Sunday?”

“No, I actually made a reservation in advance for this Sunday. To put it more accurately, the restaurant is fully booked until the middle of next month,” replied Pei Qian, feeling even worse.

Lin Chang could not help but feel emotional. “You’re amazing, Boss Pei.

“I remember that when we last met, you hadn’t opened this restaurant. Only slightly over two months have passed, and yet the restaurant has already become this popular? Boss Pei, you are indeed something else.”