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Just when Christmas Eve is around the corner, and so he refrained. From the boy's side too, he would probably want to avoid further quarrel. From the perspective of the boyfriend who was against the dispute, it may have seemed like a chance to conclude this. The girl still seemed to be slightly dissatisfied but even so, it seems like her anger has more or less dissipated.

Breathing out of his nose like that, the boy starts walking. Somehow they got through this, huh. After the two seniors had left, Shinohara too, breathed a sigh of relief.

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"Thank you.....".

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I had thought he would rejoice at having been thanked, but unexpectedly he took a cold attitude.

"No's no big deal".

He only replied with such short words to her.

"But earlier, you said too much. It's not like I'm always glaring".

"That was a just a way for me to help you".

"Wasn't there a better way for that?".

"I don't know, I'm telling you".

".....well, umm......t-thank---".

"S-See you. Enjoy your Christmas without a boyfriend!".