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I stood up from the swing as well, and then I ran next to her. After that, I smiled at Konoha-san, but she suddenly looked away embarrassingly. Then, she got slightly startled and told me this.

“Sigh, sigh, …if only I knew senpai was going to be this fragile. I could’ve actually comforted you in a more flirty way. Uwah, how regrettable.”

“You’re saying that again…”

I complained as usual. …However, I slightly changed my mind this time.

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(Hmm, Konoha-san put so much effort into being a clown just to cheer me up. …I’ll be too inconsiderate if all I do is complaining. How about a route change…)

I cleared my throat and immediately went in front of Konoha-san after we’re out of the park. Then, I put my hands on her shoulders and faced her in the eyes.

“Ehh? U-Uh, senpai? L-Look there…”

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Konoha-san was surprised. Yep, …this is a new reaction for me. This means that she’s enjoying it.

I’m getting confident at pranks like this, so I smiled smugly. Also, that’s why I didn’t notice Konoha-san is looking somewhere behind me-

-I posed a “handsome” look and told her with my serious attitude that I just acted out.

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“Well, now that we have a chance, why don’t you comfort me with the flirty way that you just mentioned, Konoha-san?”

“Eh!” “Eh!”

I heard Konoha-san’s shocked reaction, so I got a bit too cheerfully. Hahaha, I was the one that was pranked all around, but this time I’m striking back.

The evidence is that I can hear Konoha-san’s shocked voice stereophonically as if it appeared in front and behind me. Look, like right now, I’m so immersed that I think I can feel someone behind me-


-Eh, weird, even though Konoha-san didn’t move her mouth, I can hear a speaker playing a sound effect behind. …Also, how should I say this? I can even feel that noise is exactly someone that dated me until a while ago. Also, Konoha-san seems to be staring the “person” that I imagined with a pale face.


….I turned my neck stiffy and looked behind with a horrible feeling.

In the end, I saw-