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Perhaps she's talking about the fortune-telling by birthday month that comes up in the news.

I can't imagine a Horikita who changes her clothes or buys accessories after hearing her lucky color is red from a television screen.

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"Are you perhaps addicted to fortune-telling?" she asks.

"No, not like that. There's been rumors floating around recently, have you heard about that fortune-teller?".


Silence as though she had remembered something settled in, and perhaps she remember something but Horikita soon replies in a convinced tone.

"Indeed there seems to be quite an uproar over it. I've heard of it" she said.

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"I was slightly curious about it. They keep saying it's accurate, I wanted to see how accurate it really was. But, I can't really believe that fortune-telling could be so accurate about something".

I had expected her to agree with me but a different opinion came back from the other side of the phone.

"Is that really true? I think a person with real power can be accurate" Horikita said.

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"No, no. Only an esper or something can be that accurate" I quickly replied.

Horikita seemed to believe in that unexpectedly. Things like predicting a person's future from their face, hands or date of birth. I don't believe in such unrealistic things.