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“It looks like my level is too low. In other words, not only did Boss Pei not think about sacrificing the Cold-Faced Lady, but he even put in so much effort to encourage us to improve?”

Rui Yuchen nodded. “Based on my understanding of Boss Pei, that’s his intention.”

“It’s just as well. The strategic focus of Fish-Catching Take-Out is going to be shifted from Jingzhou to these super first-tier cities. I’ll stay in Beijing until all the shops are operating normally before returning to Beijing. You can look for me anytime if Cold-Faced Lady faces any problems.”

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Qi Yan was elated. “That’s great!”

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“Actually, Cold-Faced Lady has been wanting to learn from Fish-Catching Take-Out and start our own Gourmet Laboratory. I have many questions to ask.”

“However, this will definitely affect the normal work of Fish-Catching Take-Out. I’m a little embarrassed.”

Rui Yuchen smiled. “That’s not necessary.”

“Almost every department in Tengda had incurred losses before. Other departments would always lend a helping hand in time without any selfish motives. This is Tengda’s traditional culture. Fish-Catching Take-Out had also received the care of many other departments.”

“Everyone is working for Boss Pei after all. Tengda’s internal departments have no competition or pressure from the KPI. Helping each other and making the cake bigger is definitely more in line with the long-term interests of each department.”

“Cold-Faced Lady might have just joined Tengda Corporation, but you have to adapt to this environment as soon as possible.”

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Qi Yan quickly nodded. “Yes! I understand!”

Rui Yuchen sipped his coffee and asked casually, “So, Cold-Faced Lady’s recent work is just to prepare a Gourmet Laboratory? Is there anything else I can help with?”

Qi Yan thought for a moment. “Er... Actually, we’ve been planning a promotional video recently. We want to record the vendors’ daily lives and show the netizens their hardships. They’re still filming...”

Both of them drank their coffee and discussed the future development plans of Cold-Faced Lady and Fish-Catching Take-Out. Both of them were deeply inspired.