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The trophy appeared small, but it was very heavy!

Was this how Brother Huang felt when he received the Best Employee Trophy? Lu Mingliang felt that what he was holding was not merely a trophy. It represented Boss Pei’s trust in him. It represented the heavy responsibility he had!

At that moment, Lu Mingliang had a train of words to say; but he did not know where to start.

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Pei Qian looked at the second place.

That was beyond his control. After all, Lu Mingliang was the main person in charge of Game Designer and had been developing new versions of the game and also other new games. Although Bao Xu had also put in a lot of effort, Lu Mingliang was ultimately still the chief planner and was the face that the other employees saw most frequently.

Although Bao Xu did not show his face at a lot of places, he had a part in testing the games and adjusting the details of the games. Therefore, he also had a high number of votes during the Outstanding Employee Selection. He had scored the second place.

Therefore, an awkward situation arose again.

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Pei Qian looked at Bao Xu solemnly and showed a kind smile.

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Brother, I am not targeting you. This is the crowd’s choice…

「Ria, this is the decisive point…!」

「Yeah, we’ll definitely finish it…!」

Then Ria exhaled and spun the ball with her palm.


She threw a sharp serve that took a good turn.

「Too naive!」

Sid-san picked up the blow aimed at the corner of the court with such an amazing reaction speed.

「-Here, you can have it back.」

Cain-san, who had already entered toss position, gave a perfect ball to the center of the court.

「Eat this – 〈Vanal Ball〉!」