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"You truly are a terrifying man. So you're willing to lose a battle in order to win the war. This school is chock-full of useless small fries you can't even get rid of under this troublesome school system. Yet even knowing that, you're going to get her expelled, huh?".

Of course, things aren't that simple. As long as I don't possess the materials required to expel her at present, it will end up having an influence on the contents of the next exam. The presence of a worrisome existence is also a fact.

"Alright. This is more like it, Ayanokouji".

"Are you convinced now? There are things we can cooperate on without having to join hands. Don't you think so?".

"Kuku. You've entertained me with your anti-Kikyo talk. But, me going along with your cajolery and thoughtlessly attacking Class A is a different story".

"I do think it's possible though".

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"Don't even bother. Rather than go at it with someone else, I'd rather go for you".

It seems some vigor has returned to the eyes he's staring at me with.

Even after learning fear, there was still a glint in Ryuuen's eyes. Our eyes met.

"Ayanokouji, it seems like you're intent on manipulating me even if it requires force, but I have no intention of fighting".

"So it seems".

It appears he's firmed his resolve. Ryuuen seems intent on completely disappearing from the front stage. Or perhaps he'll continue making moves behind the scenes.