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“Eh, I noticed a problem. Did the rest of you notice the customers at the start of the video? One of the backs looked particularly familiar. It’s the wallpaper on my cell phone!”

Pei Qian: “?”

Back? How could you recognize someone’s back?

As for whose back he was referring to... wasn’t it obvious?

Pei Qian quickly traced the clues and found the Weibo profile of the person who had posted that comment. His newest post had also become viral and gotten thousands of shares!

“An earth-shaking revelation! Boss Pei was there when the journalist interviewed Fish-Catching Take-Out’s person-in-charge! Look at both of these backs; they’re 99%!s(MISSING)imilar. The suits are the same, their body types are the same, and even their head shapes are identical!”

There were two images placed side by side for comparison below.

The former was a photograph taken by the journalist when Pei Qian had walked in the opposite direction of the crowd back in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 3.0’s Live Esports Museum back then. The latter was a screenshot from the journalist video of Fish-Catching Take-Out.

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Indeed, they were extremely similar!

Before this, a few people had already set the first photo as their wallpapers. It was no wonder that they made the connection once they saw the same back in the video.

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Not many noticed it at first, but once the photos were compared, everyone immediately recognized him!

Pei Qian’s head hurt. He knew he should have changed suits!

Yet, what straight man like him would have different fancy suits to change into every single day?