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Sh*t, was there something wrong with Boss Yan’s thinking?

Had his mentality collapsed after finding too many bugs? Was that why he ordered his employees to change bugs on the spot and not to go home if they could not finish them?

Tang Yishu was the same as Li Yada. She had some ridiculous ideas immediately.

She quickly stood up and looked outside.

Indeed, Yan Qi seemed to be instructing the other two to fix the bugs!

Tang Yishu asked, “Boss… Boss Yan, what are you doing?”

Yan Qi had been seriously looking for a bug on his cell phone. When he turned around and saw that it was Tang Yishu, he quickly stood up.

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“Director Tang, I realized that your office building is a blessed land!”

“Once I arrived at this place, many hidden bugs appeared. Don’t you think it’s amazing!”

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“Testing bugs in this place is too efficient! We found more bugs in two hours than in two days in the company!”

“I just asked the property management of the building. There are still a few work desks on this floor. I plan to arrange for all our testing teams to come over and test here! We’ll keep testing until there are no bugs!”

“I believe in materialism, but… metaphysics does exist sometimes!”

August 10th, Friday afternoon…

Li Yada, Tang Yishu, and a few core members were watching Meng Chang’s publicity plan in the conference room of the Zhao Lu Games platform.

If there was no problem with everyone going through it, Meng Chang would make use of the last working hours this afternoon to arrange the publicity plan and make use of the weekend.