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Allen carefreely delivered a middle kick, which smashed Fu’s chest.

He recognized the difference in power while being blown far behind.

(Haha… What is this monster? Where the hell did it come from?)

There was no chance of victory at all.

Clearly understanding the overwhelming『difference』, Fu swallowed a second spirit pill.

Severe pain ran through his body as though the blood vessels in his body were splitting open.

(The second one hits really hard…)

Fu endured the pain which almost caused him to faint and shouted orders to his men.

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「Withdraw! The target『Allen Rodore』is now classified as “Special Class Force”! A threat higher than phantom spirit! Everyone! Survive by any means and brings this information back to headquarters!」


The moment they answered from the background, the Black Sword flew up.


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Immediately after that, a thunderous roar which could be heard throughout the city of Orest reverberated. The remnants of Black Organization, which numbered more than a hundred, were wiped out in a single attack.

Towards Fu who simply stared at the bottomless pit in the schoolyard,