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Pei Qian picked up the phone; it was from Rui Yuchen.

“Boss Pei, the Fish-Catching Take-Out high-end brand ‘Food Harmony’ is ready for its official online launch. Could you please sample it this afternoon and give us your comments?”

They’re pretty fast!

Pei Qian had been watching its every move. He had grasped their every move from the beginning when Rui Yuchen and Lin Canrong began to link up in secret for research and development.

Moreover, the result of this observation was that... the success rate of this method seemed to be very low?

Therefore, Pei Qian had not interfered too much but was silently watching, waiting for this new high-end brand to go online.

“Alright, send it to the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe at Handong University,” Pei Qian replied.

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Since it was just launched, the Food Harmony high-end brand was only available in Fish-Catching Take-Out No.1 store, which was supplied by the Gourmet Laboratory.

He had to test waters and look at the feedback of most consumers before deciding whether to expand to the other Fish-Catching Take-Out stores or not.

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It was because Food Harmony’s menu was different from regular Fish-Catching Internet Cafes meals. Their delivery methods would also be different.

If it was to be promoted, it would mean that every chef from the Fish-Catching Take-Out would have to be trained again, some additional ingredients to be prepared, and food boxes and other food delivery supplies to be purchased in bulk.

In short, it could cost a lot of money so Rui Yuchen dare not promote it too rashly.

However, Pei Qian had the opposite idea. He would try it today, but if he felt that there was not much profit to be made he would hurry up and promote it to the rest of the Fish-Catching Take-Out stores!

The delivery guy came near noon.

He wore the same uniform as the other Fish-Catching Take-Out delivery guy, but instead of carrying an insulated delivery box, he had a simple, low-key food box in his hand.

“Boss Pei, please enjoy.”

The delivery guy placed the food box in front of Boss Pei and turned to leave.

It was a little strange to be eating Fish-Catching Take-Out in the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe since the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe itself provided all the meals for Fish-Catching Take-Out.

However, Pei Qian did not mind it. He opened the food box smoothly after careful observation and saw the food within.