Where is the online point?

Where is the online point?

「It is finally the time for the annual『Thousand Blade Festival』! I know there are a lot of you who have already heard from your seniors in clubs, but I will explain it briefly just in case!」

Then she spoke roughly about the Thousand Blade Festival.

「Thousand Blade Festival is an academy festival held here at Thousand Blade Academy once a year! Since we are one of the『Five Academy』, the festival’s liveliness is quite remarkable! Every year, many public visitors from outside the academy participate – including young swordsmen who will knock on the gates of Thousand Blade Academy in the future! I want you to enjoy it with the awareness and pride of being a student of Thousand Blade Academy!」

We’ve already heard most of this from the president and others..

「There’s only two weeks until the Thousand Blade Festival. From now on, I will ask you to decide what activity Year 1 Class A will carry out. Those who have come up with a good idea, please do not hesitate to raise your hand! I don’t mind what the activity is, as long as you have a lot of fun!」

After that, everyone came up with ideas as they pleased – which was eventually narrowed down to five.

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Cosplay Cafe.

Filmmaking in class.

Mini-game tournament.

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Handmade Ramzak store.

Blue Sky Practice-Swing Party.

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All of them were attractive and it was difficult to say which one of them was better.