4 kinds of mobile online making money

4 kinds of mobile online making money

The ideas of these clubs were actually very realistic: regardless of whether there was a third-party bidding or not, the price of the GOG division was already very high so they wouldn’t be making a loss even if they were to sell them.

What was the big deal? They could always re-organize a new GOG division and get back into the GPL after the sale.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to make millions if they just flipped their hands?

Take the SUG Club as an example. It sold players from its own GOG division and transferred the rented training base and the GPL quota given by Tengda for free. It did not sell the SUG Club’s name.

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If it was the other clubs buying the GOG division of SUG, it must be a new club with SUG’s original team.

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SUG could always find some internet-addicted teenagers again and come back. The results would definitely plummet in the short term, but there was still a year before the World Invitational next year so there was no need to worry.

Most of these clubs even felt that Tengda would not follow through.

If no one bought it, then Tengda would only have two options: either to buy it all by themselves or to obediently pay a 30%!p(MISSING)enalty.

These clubs felt that the latter was very likely. After all, the magnitude of loss from liquidated damages was smaller.

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They felt that Boss Pei might be ‘bluffing’ when he came out with this contract, and if they bought such ‘bluffing’, he would definitely make a fortune and win a big one.

Therefore, in their view, the risk was not big. However, the benefits were great, and it was worth a try.

Zhang Yuan sighed slightly. Experience told him that Boss Pei’s plan was definitely not as simple as these clubs thought.

These clubs, who have been cooperating with Boss Pei before, have experienced the treatment of allies so they subconsciously underestimated the cunning of Boss Pei.