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「…………Good morning, though.」

The president, who was in high spirits for the trip after a long time.

Lilim-senpai who was as energetic as usual.

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Ferris-senpai who seems to be dead sleepy from the look of it.

Each of the three replied with different reactions.

(If I remember correctly, Ferris-senpai is also a weak morning person.)

She was like this during summer camp too.

「Come to think of it, I can’t see Leia-sensei anywhere, though.」

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When I asked, the president shook her head sideways.

「I am afraid sensei won’t be accompanying us this time. She has gone to attend a very important meeting at the headquarters of the Holy Knights Association.」

「A very important meeting?」

This is the first time I’m hearing of it.

「Yes, it’s a top secret meeting that is not known to the public. If I remember correctly, the agenda was “Response to the Holy Ronelia Empire”, I think? Moreover, it is a large-scale meeting where the leaders of each country, and four of the “Seven Holy Swords” will be present. From Ringard Imperial Kingdom, Tenshi-sama and my father are going to attend. “I requested Black Fist Leia Lasnode to be our bodyguard” is what my father told me…」

「I see, that’s how it is…」

Apparently, there are big movements “under the surface” as we speak.

(But the Seven Holy Swords huh…)

The Seven Holy Swords are the seven strongest swordsmen of mankind who are the pride of the Holy Knights Association, and also hold a strong heart of justice together with overwhelming power beyond the realms of man.

(I am sure they are all far superior swordsmen than me. I wonder just how strong they are.)

If I have the chance, I would love to cross swords with them once.