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However, I couldn’t refute him at all.

Amano was on a roll, as he went all out on me who was gaping like a goldfish:

“It’s fine for you to call someone who takes it so easy a bum, and I think you are right. After being admonished by you, I realized again how bad I really am. Not even an ant, I didn’t even put in the effort, so I am just a flea. I don’t have a single bit of rights to lecture you. I am really sorry. But, even… even so!”

Amano who didn’t stutter at all at this moment moved me with his sincerity.

“Even though we are talking about games, such unbeneficial things! When you are criticizing me and games, you shouldn’t look down on those who put in their heart into one single thing… You shouldn’t criticize Tendo-san and the members of the Gamers Club!”

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“... Ugh.”

Oh no, not only couldn’t I rebuke him, I completely agreed with what Amano said.

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Correct. At the spur of the moment, I lashed out too hard at everyone, even though I was just feeling frustrated at Amano. Even if Amano gave in and accepted my criticism, I didn’t need to defame Tendo, the Gamers Club and games in general too.

As I was feeling dejected, Amano who was still grabbing my shirt showed a gentle face, and continued with a warm voice:

"Especially Tendo-san, she is a really nice person. She actually invited someone like me twice. It goes without saying that she is beautiful, she is gentle, can get things done and is talented in gaming. Even though Tendo-san is very smart, she went out of her way to study in Otobuki in order to join the Gamers Club. To me, someone like her is just like my first love─ No, I mean someone worthy of respect. That is why, even though I accept your criticisms towards me…”

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Amano paused momentarily, looked at me again and said:

“ I want you to take back your words about Tendo-san and the Gamers Club.”

Even though Amano appeared a little timid, his honest eyes were filled with even firmer conviction.

As Amano stared at me with such eyes… The sense of frustration I bored towards him that had been haunting my mind disappeared.

Ahh… What the hell, this guy… Is completely unlike the old me. Even more than the old me… No, even more than the current me, he...

I sighed and gently pushed away Amano’s already loosened hand from my shirt. After patting at the crease, I apologized.