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It transformed into fist-sized swallow, raven, and a barrel-sized owl.

The swallow and raven perched on Claude san’s shoulder, whereas the big owl flew overhead.

(…It’s out.)

Inorganic material which is cut with her soul dress transforms into a bomb and is manipulated at will.

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It’s the fearsome ability boasted by Claude san’s soul dress -〈Avio Troop〉.

Six months ago, I was tormented by that ability.

「Fuu, if you think it’s going to be the same as before… You’re in for a world of pain.」

As she swung her long sword with a confident look,


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The swallow cried out in a high pitched noise, and flew in the completely wrong direction. It slowly dropped its altitude, and the moment its body came into contact with the schoolyard, a large explosion sounded, producing a huge crater.

Everyone who was watching the scene unfold suddenly began to buzz.

「O-Oi, are you serious?」

「What a power in such a small swallow…」