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Furthermore, this feast that they were enjoying seemed very expensive. Xia Jiang and the team were a little overwhelmed by the treatment that they received!

Xia Jiang was originally considering if she should have a chat with Boss Pei during the meal to collect some interview information beforehand.

However, when the dazzling delicacies were served, she immediately threw that thought at the back of her mind.

She was completely engaged by the food!

Amongst the dishes that were served, many delicacies were something she had only heard of and never seen before. How could she resist the temptation to try them?

Moreover, evidently, the service speed of the attendants there was specially trained. The service timing of every dish was just right. That made the entire meal very enjoyable.

After finishing the dessert, Xia Jiang touched her bloated tummy in shame.

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Oh, no! Boss Pei had been too thoughtful the entire time such that she did not find a suitable time to ask her questions!

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After leaving Ming Yun Private Kitchen, Xia Jiang took out her phone secretly and opened the Quanmin Reviews app.

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She would not know it if she did not check it. The moment she looked up the restaurant, the results shocked her.

Wasn’t this place the unnamed restaurant that went viral a while back?

It was said that all the seats at the restaurant had been reserved for the following two or three months. It was too popular. Even Jingzhou City locals might not even find a chance to eat at the restaurant.

Everyone looked at Boss Pei respectfully and gratefully.

They must ensure that the video was of a high standard! They must not let Boss Pei down after all that he had done for them!

Xia Jiang was extremely touched. “Boss Pei, thank you for hosting us!

“We will make the necessary preparations tonight after we return to the hotel. Can we start the interview officially tomorrow morning?”

Pei Qian shook his head and replied, “No, no, no. I have other arrangements for you guys tomorrow.”