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We're already at the end of our second semester and students who haven't made use of the cafeteria are a rare breed.

"I've been curious about it for a while now but once you lose that initial trigger to go then you just end up procrastinating, don't you? I thought this is as good a chance as any so I mustered up my courage to come".

Somehow, I do understand her feelings. You do need a fair bit of courage to show up at a place you normally don't go to. You don't know how you're supposed to act there so you end up hesitating. Your own feelings of not wanting to show the people who go there regularly how out of your depth you are would end up stopping you. I also had my reservations about buying drip coffee from the convenience store at first.

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Because I wasn't sure I would be able to smoothly make coffee from a coffee cup with nothing but ice in it. But in the majority of cases, you'll find that it's nothing that difficult once you try it out.

"Then that means this could be the trigger for you to come here from now on".

Afterwards, we talked a bit while finishing our lunch. Since we are the latecomers here, most of the students eating lunch here have already finished up and left. Of course, there are students here and there who have stayed behind to have a chat or to take their time eating.

"I'd like to continue where we left off at the library. If it's not a bother, would you please read this?".

Saying that, Shiina places something on the table. Don. A heavy sound you wouldn't have expected from it at first glance resounded.

"Have you read any of these books before, Ayanokouji-kun?".

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She just took four books out of her bag. No wonder it's so heavy.

William Irish and Ellery Queen as well as Lawrence Block and Isaac Asimov.

"You've got good taste.....".

These are all mystery novels, masterpieces of old.

"You can tell?".

"I'm also a fan of the mystery genre".

Shiina happily laughs while bringing her hands together. And that's when I realized something was off about the books.

"These aren't from the library, are they?".

"They're all mine. I'm carrying them around in case I meet someone who shares my interest in them one day so I can lend it to them. It was only a book at first but before I found someone like that, they just kept piling up".

"Is that so?".